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Apterian is an insurance company that is a subsidiary of Allure Inc.  The company products include: Property & Casualty | Life & Health Insurance products.  In addition to the insurance products, Apterian provide services that assist our members with Career Advice, Developmental Services  & much more.  We provide these services at no additional cost through our TelaHR™ services.  Simply put, in everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.  We believe in thinking differently.  Most importantly, we believe you should get much more from your insurance provider.  The products are sold to customers on the internet, over the phone, and in person.

The quality of these services are very high because they are delivered by Insurance and Human Resource professionals that have worked in Fortune 500 corporations and understand most issues our members will face because they have experienced them during their career.

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We live by our Core Values:  Quality Service | Loyalty | Honesty | Integrity

We are committed to being the best we can be to support our member's life goals and objectives. In order to achieve this, we place our members at the center of everything we do. We fully commit to consistently delivering on our member's expectations, going beyond the call of duty to get the job done and give 100% in all that we do and approach everything with a “we can do this attitude”.

We constantly look to improve our processes and our service, cultivating our knowledge, skill, and attitudes to achieve excellence for our members.

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