FAMU 100

Step 1 - Create Digital Resume

Build a Powerful Resume

World Class Private Digital Resume = A Game Changer
  1. Sample – Overview | Amourie.com/Sample
  2. Each Member Custom Page | Example = Amourie.com/firstname-lastname.com
    1. Experience
    2. Skills
    3. Videos
    4. Written Papers etc.
    5. Recommendation Letters
  3. Fill Out - Experience Skills Inventory - Experience Skills Inventoryhttps://www.apterian.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Apterian-Skills-Inventory.pdf 
  4. Digital Resume - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) = https://www.apterian.com/digital-resume-faq/
  5. Email completed Experience Skills Inventory PDF with Headshot Photo to sales@Apterian.com

Note: Band Leaders (Officers, Section Leaders, Rank Sergeants etc.) will be responsible for making sure the Experience Skills Inventory PDF's are emailed back to Apterian for ALL Members that they lead.

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Step 2 - Marketing Marching 100 Members

Apterian will establish relationships with top companies and organizations to obtain Premier Internships & Permanent Placement for Marching 100 Members

Market Our Members Skills & Abilities – Create Relationships With:

  1. Companies (Fortune 1000)
  2. Organizations
    1. Public
    2. Private
    3. Non-Profit
  3. Government
    1. Federal
    2. State
    3. Local

Next, Apterian will Connect Marching 100 Members with Internship & Permanent Placement Opportunities 

OUR GOAL is to provide 2 to 3 Internship Opportunities in your field of study before graduation

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Step 3 - Prepare For Interview

Apterian will Prepare Marching 100 Members for their Interviews.

We will train members primarily on the STAR Method (Situation/Task | Action | Result)

Other Various Types of Interviews that we will train include:

  1. Formal Interview
  2. Informal interview
  3. Stress Interview
  4. Situation Interview
  5. Directive Interview
  6. Panel Interview
  7. Group Interview
  8. Depth Interview

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Step 4 - Negotiate The Offer

If Necessary, We Will Assist You In Negotiating Employment Offer

You will complete our Total Compensation Worksheet an we will complete the following steps for a successful salary negotiation:

  1. Research Current Labor Market
  2. Prepare a Range
  3. Determine Appropriate Tangible and Non-Tangible Benefits
  4. Negotiate

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Step 5 - Permanent Placement

Interesting Fact: Only 27 percent of college graduates landed a job closely related to their majors.

Apterian will search opportunities in your field of study within the Fortune 1000, Private & Non-Profit and Government Organizations.

Our Goal is for you to have a choice of great opportunities to choose from.

After Graduation, Apterian will continue to support former Members of the Marching 100 with our Career Planning Services | Your Career Path To Success

Your Career is unpredictable.  You never know what is around the corner.  Apterian gives you the confidence of knowing whatever comes your way, you have a plan and we help you to manage it.

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Step 6 - Membership Drive

Best Agents in United States – All Former USAA Agents - Known for the Best Customer Service in the Insurance Industry

What: Build Resources – Team to Support the Members of the Marching 100

How: New Apterian Member Acquisition
 Family
 Friends
 FAMU Alumni
 Marching 100 Alumni
 Referrals

Why: Support Current Marching 100 Members with the Foundation for a Successful Career

Benefits to New Members
1. Apterian Has Competitive Insurance Products
2. Access to All Products & Services
a. New Member
b. Family
3. Discounts

Best of All – Career Planning Resources for the Marching 100 Members for a Lifetime
 Roadmap for Career

Give Apterian the Opportunity to Become the Broker of Record – All Insurance Products

It's Time To Support A Member Of The Marching 100